healing design in partnership with nature

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The ancient practice of Feng Shui is beautifully defined as “wind and water” in Chinese.
This timeless wisdom of many centuries is the synergistic bridge between the built environment and the natural world. Encouraging this positive relationship creates our most beneficial living and working conditions.

The concept of Feng Shui is derived from an old Chinese poem, in which we see optimal
living conditions:

        The winds are mild.
        The sun is bright.
        The water is clear.
        The trees are lush.

The imagery of perfected harmony of Heaven and Earth can similarly be reflected where we live and work. Feng Shui recognizes the alchemical potency of both the environment and the 5 elements upon and within our spaces. By mindfully gathering ch’i, the vital life force, and using placement, substance, color, shape, sound, light, and natural enhancements infused with our intentions, and the balancing of yin and yang, we can diminish challenging factors and encourage what supports us in our lives.

  • Site selection and assessment of surrounding environment

  • Consulting with architects/builders

  • Elemental balancing of the space with the harmonious use of the Chinese 5 elements

  • Color selection, furniture selection and placement

  • Correcting energy blockages, enhancing energy flow

  • Applying Feng Shui techniques to sell property faster and select the most auspicious living and working spaces

  • Garden and landscape design


I utilize the outstanding work of Machaelle Small Wright and the Perelandra Garden and Flower Essences for energy clearing/balancing of buildings and environments. These processes are totally safe, 100% organic and effective in clearing spaces of discordant, harmful energies. The clearings can be done on site or remotely. Additionally, I teach clients proven techniques to keep their environments clear on a daily basis.


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