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Karen's talents and background as a designer, fine artist, carpet designer, and floral designer are fully apparent in her work as an interior designer. Her special vision and sensibilities create inspired interiors of lasting beauty and function for her residential and commercial clients. She has a proven ability to understand her clients' needs at their deepest level. This allows her to create spaces that truly reflect and honor these requirements.

As well as specifying green technologies and sustainable materials, Urban Eden offers design solutions that creatively re-envision and reuse what a client has. Karen places a high priority on living simply, consciously and appreciating her clients' existing furnishings in new ways. This intention achieves optimal outcomes that easily respect her clients' budgets.


Kitchen Window Treatment design Master Bedroom Chairs transformed

Library Faux wall painting (for D.R.) Textile design (pillows), interior design Carpet design

Karen briefly describes her unique, multi-modality approach:

"I named my firm Urban Eden because I am so inspired by the visual transcendence and healing energies of nature. I constantly endeavor to bring a touch of the Garden of Eden into our everyday lives, and find ways to create sanctuaries in our home and work spaces that transform and uplift our lives. Living with what we love, honoring our intentions, and infusing them into our environments are the basis of my work. When we coexist with nature, and make space and time for calming and beautiful energies, we will always feel safe, fulfilled, and empowered."

  • Space Planning/redesign/renovation

  • Color Consultation

  • Custom window treatments, upholstery, soft furnishings design

  • Custom carpet design

  • Custom floral design

  • Selection of paint colors, wall coverings, fabric, flooring, hard surfaces, and finishes

  • Selection of furniture, lighting, accessories, and artwork

  • “Warming up” of sterile or unaesthetic environments

  • Neutralizing overly customized spaces

  • Reusing existing furnishings/accessories in a more unique and harmonious way

  • Use of ecologically conscious, green, sustainable materials

  • Home staging

To schedule your on-site consultation, or learn more about specific design services, please contact us today!

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